Elizabeth N.
Amsterdam, Niederlande

“Meeting Billy, you find she is creative, dynamic, positive and fun. Last summer, I have enjoyed many classes of Billy, which challenged and uplifted me every time. Billy’s classes are strong (despite her calm presence), precise in technique (but not too strict) and they absolutely help you giving it your best. Because of Billy’s focused style, you find yourself forgetting about everything else around you, and experiencing silence and peace at the end of class. Although Billy is grounded, her classes sometimes have a lovely simple theme or message, which I found myself reflecting on throughout the rest of the day. YASIYOGA is more then just a one hour ‘work out’!”

Philipa O.W.B.

“Konfuzius sagte: “Wähle einen Beruf, den Du liebst, und Du brauchst keinen Tag in deinem Leben mehr zu arbeiten“. Diesen Leitspruch verkörpert für mich Billy und ihre wunderbaren Yogastunden. Ihre liebe und Begeisterung zum Yoga strahlt sie in jeder Yogastunde aus. Sie schafft es, dass Glück, dass sie für Yoga empfindet auf die Teilnehmer zu übertragen. Die schwierigsten Asana fühlen sich mit ihr nicht wie Arbeit an, sondern, wie viele kleine Schritte zum besseren Ich. Ich liebe die Yoga-Auszeit mit Billy.”

Cristina N.

“Billy, she is one of the most beautiful human being I know. Inside and out. And in top of it, a great, mindful and charismatic yoga teacher!”

LaMott A.
Bikram Yoga Düsseldorf

“Biljana Drage is one of my teachers who I’d give a 10 on a scale from 1-10. She’s punctual, responsible, and professional. Behind the desk  Biljana remembers all the students names and has a welcoming smile and aura about her when the students arrive. In the yoga room she’s very attentive to the students and gives good direction and corrections in a way that’s not intimidating or demeaning. She’s uses her voice so that it calms you and helps the students meditate while they practice.The students appreciate her teaching very much. Biljana is passionate about her own yoga practice. When she takes my class she has a profound level of concentration. She’s in great shape. I feel very lucky to have Biljana as a part of our team because she’s simply a nice person and easy to work with. I can completely trust that she will always do her best  and keep our space clean and tidy when I’m out of town. Thank you Biljana.”

Dragana B.

“Having individual sessions with Billy helped me to work on my flexibility as a complementary training to my boxing exercises. She was very patient with me and really helped me to get more flexible putting special focus on my weak spots. I really enjoyed working with her and especially seeing the benefits and truly after short time. She is very dedicated, focused and patient. Cant recommend her enough.”

Alexandra M.

“Aside from her friendly demeanour, I love visiting Billy’s classes because she creates a very positive and fun environment to focus on my practice. She makes me feel like it is OK where I am in this moment, even though I may not stretch as far or hold the position as long as others, or even as myself the day before. Without any judgement, she always pays attention to my poses and offers insightfull instructions to perfect them and avoid any possible injuries. I would recommend her class always!”

Michèle C.

“Billy strahlt eine unglaubliche Ruhe aus und man fühlt sich bei Ihr immer sofort wohl. Für mich ist es eine kleine Auszeit vom Alltag um den eigenen Körper zu spüren und zur inneren Ruhe zu finden. Entspannung, Kraft und Energie. Ich freue mich auf jede Stunde bei YASIYOGA.”

Sevil Y.
Houston, TX

“I met Billy in Bologna this past summer during our yoga teacher training. Going through the path with her made my journey extra special. She is such a warm hearted person along with her charm, focus, determination, physical and emotional strength. She turned out to be an amazing teacher. I wish I could take her class, practice next to her, study next to her, use her shoulder when I am down again again and again!”


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